We provide AI-Powered Semantic-as-a-Service for your most valuable data, our AI-Augmented engine intelligently identifies, muddle through and optimizes your data treasures. We integrated and simplified your complexity of enormous data and amplify your companys on-prem/cloud analytics experience.

Augmented Analytics

Hexalytics elevate your organization with Augmented Analytics, assist you to break free from traditional analytical approaches and enjoy a new level of decision making.

  • Democratize Data Access -- Empower anyone to ask ad hoc questions across all the data to uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Automate Insights Discovery -- Get deeper insights 10x faster and eliminate your BI and reporting backlog
  • Augment Analytics Workflow -- Accelerate analytics process with unified machine learning and visualization


Hexalytics is built from the ground up to deliver a modern approach to decision intelligence that serves both the needs for ad hoc data exploration and visualization, combined with the need for automated discovery of insights from machine learning, with elastic scale.

Predictive and prescriptive Analytics

With Hexalytics, data scientists have tools to create consistent, high-quality, differentiated data for AI and ML models. We help to eliminate the frustrating and time-consuming tasks related to data preparation tasks for data science, like structuring unstructured text, one-hot encoding, scaling, standardizing, and normalizing data. Hexalytics’ visual guidance and built-in machine learning create an interface focused on ease of use, instant validation, and powerful transformations. These features empower data scientists to perform the necessary transformations and data quality checks without the need for debugging, accelerating time-to-deploy models and improving accuracy in supported data science platforms.


Hexalytics democratize data analytics by asking ad hoc questions of all your data with natural language search, to enable business users and analytics teams to quickly understand reasons and key drivers for business behaviors and get instant answers using natural language.


We help you to visualize and interactively explore your data across multiple sources using a Google-like search and voice-enabled interface. Unlock analytics adoption in your organization by making insights intuitive.

Ask Follow-on Questions & Drill Deeper

Take your data exploration in any direction, by asking follow-up questions, drilling, and filtering on any data, while customizing queries and visualizations.


Trigger Deep Analytical Insights From Search

Dive deeper to analyze the root cause of changes in metrics, compare cohorts across all dimensions, and uncover segments that drive performance.


Get Answers to Questions You Did Not Ask

Proactive intelligence is generated by continuous monitoring of metrics and data you are most interested in, and pushes insights that you do not know to look for.

Text Analytics

Text analytics is the automated process of translating large volumes of unstructured text into quantitative data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns.


Combined with data visualization tools, this technique enables companies to understand the story behind the numbers and make better decisions. Text analytics is the core technology underpinning successful customer experience (CX) programs, surfacing insights from massive volumes of unstructured data (customer service calls, emails, chats, private messages, social media engagements, survey feedback, online reviews, etc.).


Hexalytics AI text analytics platform that can empower teams by instantly turning customer feedback like reviews, surveys, and support tickets into actionable insight.


Chatbot analytics is the process of analyzing historical bot conversations to gain insights about chatbot performance and customer experience.
key features of chatbot analytics tools:

Sentiment analysis

Chatbots can capture and process customer sentiments from conversations, without explicitly asking. Because sentiment analysis, businesses can understand whether users are responding positively or negatively and make their bot more user friendly.


Customer segmentation

Chatbot analytics tools can use natural language processing(NLP) to extract conversational data and combine it with web analytics data such as demographics to segment customers. With customer segmentation, businesses are able to personalize conversations and try out A/B testing to chatbot landing pages and query responses to see how they can increase engagement.


Intent analysis

Some tools like Dashbot provide an intent mapping feature to help developers check how they match messages to intent categories.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to provide real-time insights into user behavior, and to automate the process of preventing any major issues. We provide AI-Powered Semantic-as-a-Service for your most valuable data, our AI-Augmented engine intelligently identifies, muddle through and optimizes your data treasures. We integrated and simplified your complexity of enormous data and amplify your company’s on-prem/cloud analytics experience.

Personalized Dashboards

You can empower your entire team with Hexalytics’ data insights in real-time, cloud-based dash...

Governed Semantic Models

We integrate embedded analytics into the data platform to help make it easy to use...

Self-service Ad hoc Reporting

With Hexalytics Self-Service tool, the power to solve is a simple drag-and-drop experience...

Proactive Services

We offer a solution kit that will enable you to take complete control of your airport’s operational...

Spatial Intelligence

We use modern tools and technologies to solve traditional problems in the decision-making space...


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