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SmartSheet Hexalytics UI widget for web developers

Hexalytics SmartSheet is a customizable web widget which offers all functions of Excel-style smartsheets. All the regular functions of the desktop Excel will be available for you (formulas and math, sorting and filtering, editing, various types of data). Add SmartSheet Hexalytics component into your business application with just 5 rows of the code.
Import and export

Import Excel documents to your web SmartSheet and export information to Excel, PDF or PNG files.

New functions

Create your own functions for working with data in cells.

Flexible SmartSheet UI customization

Add a formula editor, subbars, menus, set the number of columns and rows.


Adjust dates, numbers, monetary units and text labels to comply with the rules of particular countries.

Additional UI components and Hexalytcs API

Use popups, dialogs and other components from Hexalytics UI library to extend functionality.

What is SmartSheet?


It is an application to work with table data. Using SmartSheet you can perform calculations, automate data entry and processing, conveniently visualise table data, create pivot tables and more. Hexalytics offers a unique UI widget which offers SmartSheet functionality directly in the browser, on the client side. All the power and functionality of the smartsheets can be integrated into any business application. It is a ready-made solution that allows you to save many hours of web development and UI design.

Why use JS SmartSheet?

Flexible calculations

Calculations may take place on both the client and server sides of your application.

Super fast rendering

Our SmartSheet is deeply optimized and allows to instantly draw huge amounts of data.

Documentation, support, examples

Hexalytics SmartSheet has a detailed documentation with examples. Technical support service is ready to help with any technical issue.

Excel file formats support

SmartSheet control can load Excel documents initially or open them like an Excel application with data accuracy, styles, and formats. Support of Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) and Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (.xls) formats.

Backend integration

Clear Integration with Backend Platforms: PHP, Node.js, Golang and .NET with Demos.

Web accessibility

Meets Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards and supports keyboard navigation.

Frontend integration

Can be integrated with jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, React and third party libraries.

Cross platform and browser support

Support of All Modern browsers and Quick CSS Styling of your Hexalytics SmartSheet.

Advanced Excel-like features for your JavaScript web apps

Use formulas with built-in functions that correspond to Excel ones, including named ranges functionality.

Simplify the perception of data with sorting, filtering and conditional formatting.

Add images and sparklines for visual display of data.

Copy and paste information from the clipboard to other cells or Excel files.

Use enhanced SpreadSheet functionality: apply string concatenation, add drop-down lists, connect data between sheets, etc.

Use the read-only mode to protect cells or sheets from being edited.

Set the way of data presentation: from the color of the text to cell data format.

Use multiple sheets, add or hide rows and columns in a single click, сhange the cell size by dragging and manage the visibility of cell borders and gridlines.

Upload Excel documents and download ready Excel, PDF or PNG files.

The ability to build in and configure the chart in detail (type, range of values, color of the chart, legend settings, etc.)

The ability to use more than 200 mathematical functions.

Hexalytics SmartSheet live demo

Hexalytics SmartSheet Features

Search: cell highlighting

Highlighting cells with the desired sequence of symbols

Custom search filter

Displaying rows with the data that meets the search condition

DataTable in Dialog

Possibility to display dialog windows with the tables inside

Custom comments

Comments widget integration into SmartSheet

Adding images into cells

Possibility to place an image inside one or several cells

External UI - Custom Views

Creating custom views - floating tables


An example of the UI with the use of placeholders

Conditional formats

An example of conditional formatting implementation

Excel Style Filters

An example of the filters implementation


An example of the dropdowns implementation


An example of the sorting implementation


An example of adding the Sparklines