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According to research by McKinsey & Co. and the World Economic Forum...

... Industry 4.0 could have an estimated value-creation potential for manufacturers and suppliers of $3.7 trillion in 2025. Companies are modernizing by leveraging technology to get the most out of their equipment and people. Industry 4.0 is also changing the way companies manage their assets with maintenance initiatives undertaken to ensure asset reliability and value, getting digitally assisted.

Almost every asset-intensive industry is consistently looking for improved methods to achieve their objectives pertaining to:


  • Building an effective maintenance management plan
  • Maximizing the asset value across their lifecycle
  • Reducing asset downtime
  • Improving asset reliability
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Optimizing operations


Legacy infrastructure, nonintegrated applications, unstructured data environment and absence of real time analytics pose significant challenges to these industries

The ability of an organization to evolve and transform to meet their current and future market demands can make the difference between their survival and extinction.


According to the recent 2021 Industry 4.0 survey conducted by BDO, the top 3 Technologies currently being deployed by manufacturers include

Integrated suite offering comprehensive analytics

Hexalytics Asset 360 provides real time analytics that enables organizations to make smart decisions about their asset management. The solution offers a deep dive into every module of asset management covering Maintenance costs, Failure, Resources, Work orders, among others.

Drill into detail

Drill-down and drill-across functionalities enable the user to dive deeper into the data, thereby helping them identify process inefficiencies if any, along with their potential root cause.

Providing answers to the questions that matter to you

Hexalytics Asset 360 is personalized specifically for each user, providing them with the most relevant insights. The business views section provides the user answers to a set of specially curated business questions thus enabling them make better decisions.

Technology agnostic solution

Hexalytics Asset 360 can be integrated with the existing data lake/hub/warehouse, asset management systems, CMMS, business intelligence tools, ERP etc. making them compatible to the existing environment.

Hexalytics Asset 360, a cloud-based asset management solution offering asset analytics which enables organizations to have complete control over their asset and maintenance management information. The solution is designed to provide actionable insights needed by management executives and maintenance professionals to achieve their critical operational and business objectives.

What Hexalytics Asset 360 Means For Transit Agencies?

  • Single integrated analytics platform offering agencies a holistic view of all their assets
  • Effectively identify asset requirements and optimize capital expenditure
  • Better manage planned and corrective maintenance activities, thus controlling asset maintenance costs
  • Real time insights on assets to optimize resource allocation and increase asset utilization
  • Efficient asset management will improve operational efficiency thus positively influencing, ridership, safety and the overall customer experience

Hexalytics Asset 360 offers real time personalized analytics covering all aspects of the asset life cycle.

Hexalytics Asset 360’s intuitive and interactive dashboards enable you to view aggregate performance indicators, analyze and identify trends, thus empowering you to make smarter decisions.


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