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Airport managers increasingly face operational challenges from steady passenger growth, terminal congestion, rising costs, and difficulty in funding infrastructure. These factors are a simple recipe for deficient facilities, poor service, and unhappy passengers. However, the emerging field of passenger analytics is beginning to be applied to airports, with highly encouraging results. Passenger analytics offers new tools and processes to help airport managers make more effective decisions that improve airport performance, make better use of terminals, generate non-aeronautical revenue, and enhance the passenger experience from curb to gate


Key executives increasingly face operational challenges from steady passenger growth, terminal congestion, rising costs, and difficulty in funding infrastructure. These are the key factors for deficient facilities, poor service, and unhappy passengers. However, the emerging field of passenger analytics provides highly encouraging results. It offers new tools and processes to help executives make more effective decisions that improve airport performance, optimization of terminal revenue, generate non-aeronautical revenue and enhance the passenger experience from curb to gate. Historically, airport key executives had access to very limited information about how passengers, meeters and greeters, parking, concessions, etc.


For both real and perceived concerns about proprietary, competitive, and turf issues, airlines are reluctant to share the high level of passenger information. As a result, Airport management has equally limited generic insight into terminal passenger flows or bottlenecks within the terminal, and respectively for other key issues. This lack of limited insight has reached a critical stage for airport executives; tasked with improving efficiencies, increasing passenger happiness index, and reducing cost, etc.


Because passenger terminal flow patterns can vary significantly based on season, month, week, day, and hour; specific times may see high congestion within particular zones: the curb, the airline check-in area, security checkpoints, commercial areas, hold rooms, the gate, passport control, and customs, arrival areas, parking, concessions and ground transportation access points. And of course, this congestion, confusion, and delay can contribute negatively to the overall passenger experience or miss the opportunity cost. A new solution—passenger analytics and information-based management—is emerging as a promising tool to help airport executives face these challenges. It is a solution that makes use of cost-effective sensor technologies to optimize the space airports already have and make more strategic decisions based on highly detailed, trusted information. Assists managers to take effective decision making with predefined KPIs.


Our solution for Airport Analytics Industry:


Our SMEs are highly experienced with industry/ sector agnostic views. We provide role-based customizations for Airport Managers as well as top executives to help them to measure, observe, and analyze business performance and make decisions & commitments based on facts/ assumptions/ historical data/real-time data/ future information using Analytical reports, Interactive dashboards by defining your KPIs, measures & metrics aligning with your business objectives, goals, mission, vision & growth strategies.

Extensible library of KPIs, measures & metrics:

Our 500+ Airport Analytics -focused KPIs based on best industry practices and our service industry experience — and dashboards ready to help visualize the results

Analytical reports for constructive decision making:

Business objectives and KPIs are automatically tracked in Analytical view; which analyze, compare, and predict progress toward defined targets with real-time data. Users can here track KPIs in real-time and compare performance against targets.

Responsive, Interactive Dashboards:

Dashboards provide a graphical view of performance trends and real-time results, allowing executives and business service owners to make quick, informed decisions at a glance. Navigation is intuitive and familiar, with dashboards accessed from within the Hexalytics interface using drop-down menus, tabs & innovative industry specific charts.

Embedded, contextual analytics:

It empowers users and employees with self-service intelligence based on secure, real-time data — while retaining the business context needed to turn insights into action. Embedded analytics provide faster, more secure, and more reliable results than traditional business intelligence or third-party tools.

Why Hexalytics?


  1. Quality of Deliverable: Compare the proposed resource schedule against historical data to identify inconsistencies and improve the accuracy of the proposal.
  2. Assisting Strategic Decisions: Enable managers switching from reactive to proactive measures. Tracking technology and predictive modeling enables an airport to develop a new management approach, management by information. Getting airport staff to change how they conduct business and make decisions may be the most challenging part of the process
  3. Increase revenue and Analyzing cost benefits: Managers can designate specific zones within the airport and then build models to predict detailed passenger flow within those zones. The result is not only understanding where and how current congestion occurs, but also predicting where future bottlenecks may emerge so that managers can take steps to mitigate or eliminate them.
  4. Improves resource management: Assess the type of resources the project needs based on the tasks required, such as time to build a custom workflow and then perform quality assurance testing.


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