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Due to growing competition and economic pressure,

higher education institutions have realized the need to adopt smart technologies across their three core elements: inputs (students, management, faculty members, employees, materials, infrastructures), operations(teaching, training courses, curriculum development) and outputs (quality of graduates, training programs, scientific projects, research publications, conferences, and reputation). Data analytics is fast becoming one of the major tools leveraged by campus leaders to accurately measure, track and forecast the trend of their key performance indicators, thus empowering them to make informed decisions and strategy selection.


Hexalytics Education 360, is a cloud-based solution that offers a suite of analytical tools that enables colleges, universities, and institutional research organizations to extract actionable insights on their key performance indicators (KPIs) by pulling real-time data from multiple sources, analyzing them, and presenting the findings through visually appealing dashboards. Our analytical solution provides University leaders, Deans, Vice Presidents, academic and research administrators, and their delegates with key operational and strategic insights to guide their respective units and achieve institutional advancement.

Higher Education – Current state of Analytics


  • Overly focused on generating statistical reports for accrediting bodies
  • Limited usage of analytics to drive day-to-day decision making
  • Lack of centralized data infrastructure
  • Legacy data system
  • Limited in-house analytical capabilities
  • Perceived as a cost center for compliance
Education 360 Solution


  • Enabling transformation through advanced analytics, offering a cohesive digital experience
  • Data informed decisions to aid and simplify admissions, student success, institutional advancement, academic planning, among others
  • Consolidated and accurate data, readily available over the cloud
  • Continued support and feature upgrades for frictionless user experience
  • Transformation partner enabling institutions to achieve their strategic priorities
Integrated suite offering comprehensive analytics

Hexalytics Education 360 provides comprehensive analytics that enables decision-makers to have a holistic view of their entire operations. The solution offers a deep dive into key modules of higher education covering Admissions, Enrollment, Graduation and Retention, Research and Innovation, Human Resources, and Finance, among others.

Evaluation tools

We provide multidimensional correlation to help decision-makers determine if their strategic initiatives and plans are yielding the desired results

Providing answers to the questions that matter to you:

Hexalytics Education 360 solution is customized specifically for each user providing them with the most relevant data. Thereby enabling them to make data-informed decisions to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

Technology agnostic solution

Hexalytics Education 360 can be integrated with the existing data lake/hub/warehouse, ERP systems, etc. making them compatible with the existing environment

  • Customized user-specific dashboards – pre-built dashboards tailored to personas
  • Single unified experience – addressing and delivering all your analytical needs under one umbrella
  • Enriched user experience - data stories backed by enhanced visualization and dynamic narration
  • Q&A section – our Natural Language Processing engine provides analytical responses to the questions that matter to you
  • Engage with the data – solution enables you to dynamically change the levers to perform in-depth what-if analysis
  • Data Security – protecting your data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle

Hexalytics Education 360: Your analytics partner

Hexalytics Education 360’s intuitive and interactive dashboards enable you to view aggregate performance indicators, analyze and identify trends, thus enabling you to improve the future of your institution.


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