We create impeccable turnkey solutions for a wide range of business vertical and/or horizontal integration.  We utilize the same tools and techniques common in other development paradigms, also bring in passionate industry experts to produce actionable insight.

Use Analytics to:
Boost Transit Business

Get Personalized Role Based Insights

Get Personalized Role Based Insights

Traditional System vs Transit 360

  • Inefficient data utilization
  • Lack of Role Personalization
  • Lacks Predictive Forecasting
  • Requires Technical Knowledge
  • Delayed decisions
  • Redundancy in Reporting
  • Lack of Data Security
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Needs based customization
  • Real-Time 1 Click Insights
  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • Future Ready & Scalable
  • End-to-End Automation & Encryption
  • ole based Business Insights
Transit At a Glance is efficient and effective data backed decisionMaking based on facts

It provides executives with Hawk-eye visual for all key transit areas such as security, safety, ridership, operations, Maintenance, service delivery, finance and more.

Drill Down Analysis Solves the Mystery

Of the user data by connecting the dots with a top-down approach, thus providing a holistic analysis of any indicator or key metrics.

Geo-Spatial Views

It provides analytics to all locations falling within geography of transit agencies. Transit 360 Geo-Spatial section depics area-wide insights on the key metrics such as location wide, accidents, security incidents, transit routes, ridership by route and more.

Addressing Key Concerns

Transit 360 Business Views section provides tailored solutions to executive for various business questions & problems through a collage of data driven insights, to identify what happened, why it happened e what to do next.


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Delivering value-added to our clients through trusted, world-renowned partners. Our collaboration and partnership with these companies allow us to provide high-end resources and expertise, fulfilling our mission of innovation through data.


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