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According To The Research firm Guidehouse Insights...

..."Global utilities will increase investments in smart meter analytics by three times between 2021 and 2030 as they seek to unlock the full value of advanced metering infraestructure".

This, embracing digital technologies is no loger an option for utilities.

Business distuptions caused by Covid-19 pandemic is driving utilities to explore and adopt data driven methods to address challanges pertaining to:


  • Improving operational efficiency and reliability
  • Controlling operating expenditure
  • Reducing water and power losses
  • Accurate detection of fraud and anomalies
  • Reducing the number of customer compliant and the response time to complaints
  • Better maintenance planning to avoid unplanned disruptions
  • Optimizing resource utilization
  • Regulatory compliance

Digital technologies offer utilities the tools for effective capital planning, optimization of operations & maintenance, and better emergency reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and inproving customer experience.

Integrated suite offering comprehensive analytics

Hexalytics Utility 360 provides real time analytics that enables organizations to make smart decisions about their business operations. The solutionoffers a deep dive into every module of utility operations, covering Water accounting, Customer analytics, Meter management, among others.

Drill into detail

Drill-down and Drill-across functionality enable the user to dive deeper into the data, thereby helping them identify process inefficiencies if any, along with their potential root cause.

Providing answers to the questions that matter to you

Hexalytics Utility 360 is personalized specifically for each user, providing them with the most relevant insights. The business views section provides the user answers to a set of specially curated business questions thus enabling them make better decisions.

Technology agnostic solution

Hexalytics Utility 360 can be integrated with the existing data lake/hub/warehouse, business intelligence tools, ERP etc. making them compatible to the existing enviroment.

Hexalytics Utility 360 is a cloud-based solution that offers a suit of analytical tools that enables utilities to have complete control of their asset and operational data, including production, consumption, losses, customer usage, meter performance, among others. The solution offers the tools and the necessary services required by utilities to harness their data to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

What Hexalytics Utility 360 Means For Utilities

  • Single integrated analytics platform with standardizer reporting practices, thus streamlining and increasing the credibility of internal and external reporting
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requests and alignment with conservations targets
  • Near real-time insights on customer consumption patterns, preferences, and decicions enable utilities to identify trends, better forecast demand, and manage constraints
  • Reduction of unbilled revenue, by identifying and correcting areas contributing to losses
  • Improved customer services by providing customer service representatives with intelligence information to enable a faster resolution rate

Hexalytics Utility 360 enables utilities to take a proactive approach to business analytics.

Hexalytics Utility 360's intuitive and interactive dashboards provide answers ti th questions that matter and empower decision makers with actionable insights to make smarter decisions.


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